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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Photograph - Colorful Houses on a Rocky Cove


kathryne86 said...

Does anyone know where this picture was taken? It is beautiful!

yoyoyo said...

i believe its the cinque terra or something in italy.

czc said...

does ANYONE know the location of this photo?
would really love to know.
Not sure about cinqueterre -- it could be many other

katty said...

I love all kind of photos, it drives me crazy. I think every photographic is a work of art. Like the site costa rica homes for sale all the beautiful houses are wonderful and the pictures are great.

Emily bao bao said...

it's one of the sea-cliff town at the Italian riviera called Monterosso. Together with four another towns close by it's call cinque terre which mean "the five lands". it's a charming area that you can hike along the sea-side or go up the hills.

Emily bao bao said...

my bad, that town is called Manarola. my bad my bad.